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Review of the week

Hey Beauties,
         I know its been a while since I made a post and I'm sorry for that, I promise to improve....
So the reason that I am coming to you beauties today is to address something that has been on my mind for a while. If you all recall my last entry was built around how to make and keep your man happy, well today this entry is for the MEN.. "How to keep your woman happy"!!!!!!!!

Every single man in america has a specific TASTE.. Whether it be Skinny, Large, Long hair, Short hair, African American, Caucasian, or Asian..... Every man is different in that aspect and that in itself is great. That means that every woman in this world will find a guy who will DATE her... Now with that said, although there are many types of different women and men who will love them, there are women who have a higher ranking of finding TRUE love. And the reason why that is; is just because a man will date you doesn't mean that he will MARRY you..

There are women for Right now and women for 10 years from now. And i'm going to let you in on this well hidden secret.................................. Men just like women have no clue as to what the HELL THEY WANT!!!!!!!
                   Men claim to want women who are Pretty can Cook, Clean, be great in the bedroom and who don't nag....... But when they find those who are a good 7 out of 10 they have no idea how to hold on to them..
Men look for perfection and as we all know, there is no SUCH THING.......... If your a 5 out of 10 you get kicked to the curb because your not good enough and if your a 7 or 8 out of 10 they become intimidated and end up pushing you away anyway because of the fear that you are to good for them or better yet that because you are so wonderful you may find a man who is way better than THEM....

                                  Men fail to realize that after all is said and done it isn't that hard to find a good woman and once you have her it is relatively easy to keep her...... And this is by SHOWING APPRECIATION.............................
The double standard of "If a woman dates to many men she's easy" is long over with and if you don't show appreciation the next man will........ Now MEN if you have a woman who is ROMANTIC, SENSUAL, A GOOD LISTENER, GOOD IN BED, CAN COOK, CLEAN, AND WHO ISN'T BAD LOOKING THEN you need to go find a box and wrap her up in it because woman like "her" aren't that easy to come by.

So here are my 10 steps to showing Appreciation & keeping her HAPPY

STEP 1: Make her breakfast in bed at least once a week
STEP 2: Run her a warm bath at least once every 2 weeks
STEP 4: When she's had a long day give her a nice massage
STEP 5: LISTEN TO HER.. Woman love to talk so even if its not what you want to hear, still keep your ears open.
STEP 6: Surprise her with her favorite meal. ( Dinner)
STEP 7: POETRY..... As men you guys may not know exactly what to say all the time, so put it in writing that way she always has it with her.
STEP 8: Always keep an open mind.. I.E (doing something that it out of your comfort zone/ trying new things)
STEP 9: Find some down time to watch a movie at home and just CUDDLE ....... Most women love being
held... And watching a movie at home is free so in hard times it saves you guys money.
STEP 10: IF YOU LOVE HER then show it! Women are not mind readers its all about ACTIONS, ACTIONS, ACTIONS..............


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