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Beauty review of the week

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Orgnic root stimulator Olive oil "Edge Control"
! week update on this product
Hey Beauties,
            So It's been a week since I did my hair and as promised here is a one week update on the Olive oil's Edge control hair gel.

Beauty review of the week

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Fall is here Beauties,
This season is all about sweaters, sweaters, and more sweaters.......... If you haven't done your fall/winter shopping yet I would highly advise you all to do so! I just purchased a whole bunch of cool sweaters myself and I just love to accent my sweaters with belts, and accessories. So it doesn't matter if the sweater is Blue, Green, Purple or Orange, I need a belt and accessory that will compliment it..... I definitely can't wait to get all dressed up so I can start my Fall outfit's of the day I hope you Beauties are ready!

Review of the week

Hey Beauties,
         I know its been a while since I made a post and I'm sorry for that, I promise to improve....
So the reason that I am coming to you beauties today is to address something that has been on my mind for a while. If you all recall my last entry was built around how to make and keep your man happy, well today this entry is for the MEN.. "How to keep your woman happy"!!!!!!!!

Every single man in america has a specific TASTE..

Beauty review 8/29-9/5

Hey Beauties, 
                 Its been so long and I'm so sorry that I've neglected you guys
anyhoo If you guys want up to date info on All About Beauty 1on1 then you all can check out my new Blog page
So this weeks beauty tip is about a new hair brand that I tried called Zury Ultra Perm Yaki..
I've had the hair in for about 10 days and Boy oh Boy do I regret buying it.

Beauty review 8/1-8/8

Beauty review 7/18-7/25

Hello Beauties,

    There hasn't been a beauty tip in 2 weeks and i am deeply sorry for that.  I take the tips very serious and i had to make sure i gave the last product enough time before I commented on it.
Now with that said, The beauty item that I researched &  reviewed was "AMBI Even and clear Exfoliating face wash".. WEll.WEll ,WEll ....... I have so much to say about this product but i'm going to keep it light and sweet for the blog and put the results on my Video review.

This weeks beauty review postponed 7/4-7/11

Hello beauties,
                   I hope you guys found last weeks beauty tip helpful, But unfortunately there will not be a beauty tip for this week!........ I am currently in the process of reviewing a few products and i don't want to give any feed back on these items until i am 100% sure of them. I did in fact post a new hair tutorial video and i hope you guys enjoy it.  

 Remember that if "You" have any suggestions for an upcoming beauty tip, Please feel free to contact me via email.

Beauty review week 6/27-7/4

Hello Beauties,

 I hope you guys found last weeks beauty tip helpful.. Now on to this weeks tip....
                                 SAGA REMY WEAVING HAIR
           A lot of you guys have been asking me to review and give my opinion on weave brands.  So I did my homework and there will be a lot more hair reviews to come.

Beauty Review 6/20-6/27

Hey beauties,
I hope you guys found last weeks Beauty tip of the week helpful, and remember that if you guys want anything reviewed of if you have any suggestions for the next Beauty tip of the week then feel free to email me or you can fill out the forum on the first page of the site.
                So without further ado, This weeks Beauty tip is GOING NATURAL............
Recently i decided to do away with the Hair Relaxers and to focus on getting my hair healthy again.

Beauty Review 6/13-6/20

Hey Beauties,
Let me start off by saying that I hope you guys found last weeks beauty tip helpful.
This week's Beauty tip will be about "Makeup removal wipes". Someone asked If I knew of any good makeup remover's out there and i thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to let you guy's in on my make removal secret. I currently use "Neutrogena's -Makeup remover cleansing towelettes." I have been using these wipes for the past 2 years and i just adore them.

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