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Hey Beauties,
       Ive been gone for way to long and I'm extremely happy and blessed that everyone who started this with me are still around. I can't wait to post more OOTD's tutorials and just day to day activities. I hope you all are just as excited as I am. The new all about me video is now up and running. You can find it in the youtube and pictures section.

Abuse is never ok

Hey Beauties,
 This is really hard for me to speak of but I figured I would be completely honest..
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Abuse in a relationship
Being abused in a relationship is never ok, so if your in an abusive relationship walk away while you still have a chance.
Here is a video of me being real with you all I hope you guys feel just a little bit closer to me.

New Youtube's

Hey Beauties,
   I just wanted to update you briefly on the new video's I just uploaded to My youtube channel 
Allaboutbeauty820.. Hope you enjoy them! 

New review

Hello Beauties,

 I promised you guys more videos and that's what i'm gonna do!. .... I just finished a video where i'm talking about my experience with Proactiv , And i'm also letting you guys know that i'm starting a new journey with Ambi skin care. I purchased the cleansing wash and the fading cream and i'll be updating you guys on my journey as the weeks go by.. 

   Remember that if you guys have any suggestions for next weeks beauty tip or you have a product that you would like me to review before you buy it, please feel free to email me at


Hey Beauties, 

     I'm going to try to upload new hair and makeup tutorials every other week. And remember that if you guys would like me to review any products, just fill out the forum on the 1st page of the site. Or you can email me @ 

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