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Brief Message

Hey Beauties,
This is a brief message regarding all the love and support that you guy's have been giving me. Remember if you have any request for next weeks beauty tip of the week just email me. I will also review any product that you guys suggest.. So keep it coming!

2 New videos

Hey Beauties,
There will be 2 new videos before the week is out. 1 will be posted today about the  beauty tip of the week (Celtrixa) and the 2nd one will be posted tomorrow. It will be a tutorial on a new weave. So keep checking back for more updates.. 

Beauty review of the week starting 5/30/2011

Hey beauties, starting on Monday the 30th of May i will be doing a beauty tip of the week segment. I will be picking my best product of the week and also giving you guys different tips. This will take place every single Monday and will be posted on both the Site and the Youtube channel. If anyone has anything that they would like me to review just send me a email at

Thank You

There is nothing like having a support system
I would like to say Thank you to all of those people who have been giving me feed back. I also appreciate all of those individuals who have faith that this will be bigger than "Us".  There is nothing like having people who are not afraid to see the next one succeed , so again Thank you and God bless

All about beauty 1on1 "The beginning"

Welcome all beauties
This is only the beginning of what's to come. Remember to make your hair appointments, get your daily makeup tips, and leave comments of what you like and don't . I'm always up for learning new things this is about"You" so please feel free to tell me what you guys would like to hear about! 

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